Call for Papers: The Jewish Intelligentsia. 8th International Conference for Jewish Studies Researchers. Professor Jerzy Jedlicki (1930–2018) in Memoriam

W dniach 14-15 listopada 2019 Studenckie Koło Naukowe Judaistów UW organizuje konferencję The Jewish Intelligentsia. 8th International Conference for Jewish Studies Researchers. Professor Jerzy Jedlicki (1930–2018) in Memoriam. W związku z powyższym zachęcamy do nadsyłania zgłoszeń.
The Jewish Intelligentsia 8th International Conference for Jewish Studies Researchers Professor Jerzy Jedlicki (1930–2018) in Memoriam
* * *
14–15 November 2019, Institute of History at University of Warsaw
The aim of the conference is to outline the meaning of the term “Jewish intelligentsia” and to define its contexts — historical, social, cultural, linguistic, and literary. During two days of discussion we would like to focus on the questions of when and how the category of the “Jewish intellectual” in Central and Central-Eastern Europe was formed. We are also interested in the subject of internal differences and divisions within the group. The conference will focus on Jewish intellectuals in both academic and professional environment, but also trace the fate of the representatives of intelligentsia without educational qualifications. Our reflection will focus on the functioning of the Jewish intelligentsia in society and various manifestations of its involvement in the domains of politics, economy, education, or art. We invite researchers from various academic backgrounds to reflect upon the Jewish intelligentsia in order to create the most thorough picture possible of this social stratum. Conference participants are requested to submit interdisciplinary topics or in one of the academic disciplines. We would like this conference to be a modest contribution to the studies of the Polish intelligentsia, for which prof. Jerzy Jedlicki (1930–2018) laid the grounds. Therefore, we honor his memory at our gathering. The conference will be accompanied by a program of educational and cultural events, including the opening of the exhibition on the 5th anniversary of the Jewish Studies Student Association at University of Warsaw.
In order to participate in the conference complete an application form which consists of an abstract (approx. 300 words) and a brief biographical note. Accepted participants will be notified at the beginning of September via e-mail. Every participant is required to pay a fee of $40 or €37. We do not cover the costs of travel and accommodation in Warsaw during the conference, but we can help organize stay of the participant in Warsaw. The deadline for submission of the application form is 1 September 2019.
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